Can I bring a car seat on board?

Yes car seat is fine to bring aboard, we never seat these in the front for safety reasons and prefer them in our fully seat belted vehicles.

How do you accommodate for elderly passengers?

We work a lot with senior groups.  Help where appropriate, use a step for ease of getting on/off. We make sure to have regular restroom stops.

Can you help us plan our itinerary?

Yes we are more than happy to suggest ideas and help plan and book places to visit.

Why should I choose your bus company over someone else’s?

We enjoy being flexible as required for each group and giving the best service we can.  There is always somebody to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is there a microphone on your vehicles?

Yes, our vehicles are fitted with PA systems.

Do we have to provide accommodation and food for the driver if we are on an overnight trip out of Rotorua?

We can book the driver or you can make the booking for the driver which is sometimes easiest and cheaper when booking with a group.  Where possible at the same accommodation is best or somewhere very close by.   Parking for the large vehicles does also need to be taken into consideration.

Are we allowed food and drink?

We are happy to discuss this if you are careful with choices for on-board food but we do prefer to stop.  We do have a no alcohol policy on-board.